A Day of Crafted Hand-Sanitizers

Before the Covid-19 pandemic became widespread two months ago, the beer industry kept rising with continued growth in production and sales thanks to the thousands of small independent brewers introducing crafted beers. It was an industry that kept thriving.


But as soon as the stay-at-home order took place, it is one of the industries hit hard the most along others such as retail, transportation, food, and hospitality services, until so forth. Just this week, the New York Times reported that craft brewers nationwide are dumping hundreds of gallons of beer down the drain since these breweries need to free up space. Bars and brewpubs would normally sell these craft beers on tap but since the government-mandated closure of all non-essential business,  distributors canceled all orders since then. In order to stay in business, these breweries are finding ways to keep revenue, or at least keep the business running, by creative packaging, or donating their beers to distilleries to be turned into hand sanitizers.

Other breweries on hand have found a way to combined creativity and ingenuity to turn their fantastic craft beers to sanitizer and place it in a can or canitizer. Breweries such as Parallel 49 Brewing, Annex Ale Project, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company, and Farmer Estate Brewery are selling their own crafted sanitizer. Instead of dumping their perfectly crafted beer, they have turned it sanitizer and packaged it in a can for the authenticity.

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A word of advice though, make sure to read the label and don’t mix your canitizers with your crafted beer. There has been a recent surge of adults being poisoned by accidentally drinking their canitizers while being impaired or under the influence of alcohol. So please, keep it in moderation and injecting bleach, or, in this case, drinking sanitizers wouldn’t help either.

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