A Day of Indie Brewing Company Beer

I’m not a beer sommelier, nor have I brewed a home batch so I can rank my self an amateur brewer. I just simply love beer. Growing up, whenever there is a family gathering, I see my uncles in a round table drinking and having the time of their lives. Plus, on occasion, it’s a form of admission whenever you go to a social gathering. A token to pass the crossing. Drinking beer is a form of social activity in every culture.

So you could say that I grew up with beer. But I never really started enjoying it until somewhere around late 2010, after graduating from college. I remember buying a 24 pack of Bud light post-graduation to celebrate my achievement. And looking back now, that was a pretty bad idea.

My profound fondness for all sorts of beer, to visiting a brewery to spending hours browsing through every beer in a local alcohol retailer store, had me thinking, “Why not write about my beer adventures?”

First up is Indie Brewing Company. Located in the industrial area of Boyle Heights, this microbrewery is a local favorite in the neighborhood and neighboring cities for its great selection of beers. From their flavorful and hoppy IPAs to their crisps and light pilsner, Indie Brewing Company is flocked by many Angelenos. My favorite so far is their Beverly Pils. A smooth, clean, crisp Bohemian pilsner brewed with 100% Weyerman malt which makes it pairable with any meal. Bohemian pilsner or Pilsner – Czech is slightly sweeter and has a malty character with a toasted biscuit-like taste.

I’ve had some other batch from their beer selection, like the Pacific Kolsch Highway, IPA Del Ray, Nobody Walks In LA. Preferably,  I mostly enjoy drinking IPA and stouts but their Beverly Pils is my favorite so far. I haven’t been able to sit and have a drink in their tasting room because of the pandemic we are having, but it’s spacious and it’s always bustling the first time I went around. I and my girlfriend didn’t get to find any table first time around because it was packed, so we decided to go to Dry River Brewing. But overall, Indie Brewing Company is a must especially if you from Los Angeles.

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