A Day without Kobe Bryant

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, on any topic on my mind. You can say I’ve completely abandoned my passion and dreams for writing for more than two years. But after Jim Hill read Kobe’s quote, “When you fiercely protect your passion, no one can ever steal your dreams,” made me reflect on what happened to my dreams of writing, and rekindle my passion to write again.

As of now, the news has already reached every corner of the world that Kobe Bryant has tragically passed away with his daughter Gianna in a Helicopter accident. It took the media by storm, with live coverage of the crash site, constant updates of the incident, to heartfelt interviews of people mourning his sudden and tragic death. In addition, social media became the medium for everyone to express their emotions toward the unexpected death of the Lakers legend at such a young age.

Out of all the condolences and tributes to honor Kobe’s death, from the world of sports, entertainment, and politics,  one stood out the rest and that was when Jim Hill, a former National Football League defensive back and now a lead sports anchor and sports director at a local news station in LA. While being interviewed, he took out Kobe’s recent young adult book Legacy and the Queen. Hill then pointed out Kobe’s opening dedicating quote, “When you fiercely protect your passion, no one can ever steal your dreams,” to his four daughters.” His voice on the verge of emotions, explaining Kobe’s tenacity in achieving his dreams and inspiration to help others be their best at what they passionate about.

My chest became heavier, and I was experiencing pain just as the day my mother suddenly dies from a brain aneurysm. Grief to me is always reserved for somebody who was really close to you, someone who has an intimate and immediate relation. I never met Kobe face to face, and yet I was asking myself why am I in pain? I have no right to be and I try to be dismissive of the emotion I was feeling. I keep telling myself that it feels trivial to say that a basketball player passed away. Yet reflecting back, Kobe wasn’t just a basketball player, he was my friend and mentor, from watching him on the TV, of course, but that’s what makes him a legend. His accomplishments in life, passion for the game of basketball, and legacy know no barriers or boundaries. Until his very end, his word offers guidance and push you do be the best you can be. So I decided to write one more time, and fiercely reignite my once passion for writing again. My heart aches for all the families lost in this tragedy. His legacy will live forever. To one of the greatest.

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  1. You are a great writer ,please don’t stop doing what you love .strive for success you can do it !πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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