Banc of California Stadium

A Day of LAFC

Today I went to a new franchise sports team in LA, the LAFC, short for Los Angeles Football Club, and it was nothing short of amazing, even if it was just a scrimmage game. I was dumbfounded when I found out about it. A new team is making its name in LA.

A good of mine friend in the industry texted me if I wanted to watch football while I was in the gym busy sweating out the alcohol and fast-food calories I have consumed in the past months, and being reclusive I am, I decided to to go for a spontaneous change.

After exerting all my energy to my local gym, I went home to my brother and sister-in-law’s house, where I reside and rent at the moment, then get ready for the game. But before the game, my friend Victor and I decided to stop by a local mom & pop’s restaurant named Howlin’ Ray’s, that is extremely popular and fucking excruciating line to get your food.

After enduring a 45-minute wait, which is the best record since last time I was there, it was an hour and a half with Vic (Victor) already cutting me in line halfway, we uber our way into the game.

The moment we stepped outside our Uber and respectfully said our goodbye to our driver, we got a Mercedes Benz C Class for an Uber X ride! I can hear the sports chant a block away. It was loud, and it was full of life! I was excited. I was nervous. I wanted to get in. I wanted to to be part of that crowd! As we get in, they have the team mascot, which is a falcon, by its trainer, ready to take a social media selfie with you. And I took the opportunity to make it, just as any millennials do.


After taking a selfie, we roamed around looking for the best seats in the house, and since it’s a scrimmage game, it’s a free-for-all seat. We went to lounge section, which has a better alcohol selection and went on to the to check the other corner of the net, to find out that it that the section was only reserved for Sacramento fans, which is odd because the crowd is being segregated. My friend Vic even joked to the usher “We’re just here to spectate the game,” we still got filtered to the LA crowd due to our all black attire. Prejudice is one hell of a bitch.

Since it’s a free-for-all, we decided to seat at the cheering crowd, which was undoubtedly the best! The crowd was alive, intoxicated but welcoming. LAFC was down after the second half of the game, but they rallied to tie it at 2-2, that got the crowd singing to keep the morale going. And by the last minute of the match, Latif Blessing scored the winning the game after an assist from Diego Rossi that got the stadium roaring and chant LAFC to its victory.

The stadium exploded with cheer, and I was throwing high fives everywhere even though this a new team to me. The crowd from above were throwing half-empty cups of beers, while the fan cheer club chanted LA…FC!

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