A Day with Brian Koppelman Led to Grief, Awkwardness, and Hilarity

Brian Koppelman is known for having an impressive portfolio of cinematic and TV show titles as a showrunner; Rounders, The Illusionist, Ocen’s Thirteen, and the new favorite show Billions, to name a few. Recently, he shared the story of his mom’s death. The series of tweets entailed grief, discomfort, and sardonic humor.

I can completely relate to his state of mind during the time my mother died after her brain exploded on Christmas Eve due to Brain Hemorrhage. Families and friend flocked my brother’s house, offering console during the time of grievance. But there was just time during the mourning that I just wanted to be alone with my immediate families, yet there are families and friend who won’t leave you alone. You feel like a newly dumped turd on the pavement and flies are buzzing all over because let’s face it, nobody wants to pick up and clean after a new pile of smoking shit.

Koppelman’s tweets went from saddening as I can uncannily relate to his situation during the time of his mourning. From the time he received the news about his mother’s passing, to the plight of how his now widower father will be, and to the constant pestering of the father of his brother-in-law about a grand (half-baked) movie pitch idea. I laughed my lungs out by the end of it!

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