A Day With the Bloody Gums Collective

I was once invited by one of their group members and a pretty close friend of mine, Neal Donnelly, who main focus is photography art. I met Neal through my brother, whom he used to work with back when they were still graphic designers for the streetwear Crooks & Castles. Now neal works for Young And Reckless as a marketing creative. He always wanted me to invite me to their gallery event, it’s just I didn’t find the time avail myself because of my busy schedule at work. Eventually, when the time permits it, it is bound to happen and I finally get to attend an event they have in Delicious Vinyl on Sunset Blvd and meet the wonderful and creative Bloody Gums Collective. More than 50 plus members embody this Los Angeles based artistic group, ranging from graffiti writers, street photographers, contemporary sculptors, illustrators. You know name it, Bloody Gums covers the whole spectrum when it comes to art.

During the time of the event, Neal introduced me to one of the founding members of the group, Andrew Barsoum. Andrew specializes in contemporary photography and he is also the one responsible coordinating event galleries, whenever the group have an opportunity to showcase their creative works. Andrew told me that the group began small, with just close friends having a great time expressing their interest in the world of art. As time goes by, each member started meeting like-minded people and started showing interest in contributing the cost of the group, to be an art collective hub community where everyone can express their own art without a biased goal or monetary value.  A community that purely raises the awareness of creativity.

The group is also well connected to the streetwear industry with the likes of Young And Reckless, CBNC, Dimepiece LA, and so forth. The group members I met that night were a well-established artist in social media community such as Deladeso and Larsen Sotelo. The conviviality of that evening brought me humility and modesty, as opposed to the contemptuous environment you see whenever you go to a high-end gallery event and pompousness so-called savant artist. I saw other aesthetics art of that night, and these group will go a long way.

So often in the world, it’s cool to be nonchalant and blasé about everything, and we wanted to show everyone that the only way anything great ever happens is through passion. So, through our own passion for art, camaraderie and being on the street, we went with the tooth with the drop of blood that represent us. We all looked up to all these legends in the game. Whatever the masses have to say about the lifestyle we live in; whether it may be street art, photography, design, graffiti, skateboarding… with as a whole, we will stick to what we believe and what influenced us in the first place because they were passionate enough about what they did to be great at it. Bloody Gums was a way we could mirror that energy. “I just wanted to spend more time with people that were as involved in their art as I was. To inspire me. To inspire them.” – Bloody Gums founder.

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