Night:Shift Goods A Street Style for Your Home Decor

The Los Angeles home decor brand Night:Shift Goods is looking to switch up the sleep game with their imaginative collection of comforter sets, woven blankets, and throw pillows. They’re trying to level up bedrooms with designs that reference everything from Coogi sweaters, to the pastel boating life, to the graphics on stand up arcade games from the 1980s.

The brand came about when Rich Marshall, the guy who helped Stevie Williams create the Dirty Ghetto Kids and Asphalt Yacht Club, approached Eddie Horowitz and Dan Maiman, the pair who would become Night: Shift’s founder and vice president, respectively. “Rich was buying bedding for his two teenage sons and noticed there was nothing cool on the market,” Horowitz explains. “A lightbulb went off immediately.”

Combining Horowitz’s background in product development, manufacturing, and distribution with Maiman’s experience with marketing and youth culture brands, the two hope to plant a distinctive flag in this world. “You know Herschel bags and Stance socks? Those guys came into these categories and really pushed the envelope. That’s what we are trying to do with Night:Shift,” says Horowitz.

After their collaboration with Crooks & Castles from last year quickly sold out, they’re currently putting together more team-ups, starting with Grizzly Griptape. They’ll begin with some limited edition art at Grizzly’s La Brea location in Los Angeles and then will move into select retail stores. They’ve also got an upcoming project in the works with musician Santigold, as well as a premium jacquard, Afghan tapestry, and Egyptian cotton line to sell in more upscale lifestyle boutiques.

And if you’ve read all this and still think it’s fine to keep rocking those bland Bed Bath & Beyond joints whose biggest flourish might be some vertical stripes, Horowitz has some advice, “Think of your bedroom as an extension of your personal style and creative expression, just like you choose the clothing you rock, the whip you drive, and the music you listen to. Dress your bed, and think of Night:Shift.”

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