Stay Fresh!

You know that boring old green pine tree-shaped thing that’s hanging from your rearview mirror? It’s time to toss it in the trash and give your stank-ass car an update with Stay Fresh, a wild new line of custom air fresheners. Known for its ridiculous humor and nostalgic looks, Stay Fresh features collaborations with artists including Honkey Kong, David Flores, Illest, and DISSIZIT, to name a few. They come in scents like Pacific Ocean, Piña Colada, and Frozen Hellfire,

The man behind Stay Fresh is Les Schettkoe, a veteran in the street culture industry with a background in graphic design, retail, and licensing. As he was planning his next venture, he looked for a world where shoppers weren’t already being served. “I thought there must be something the people would want besides another T-shirt brand,” he says.

Schettkoe won’t reveal just yet what new projects he has on the way, but he does reveal he has something in progress with the folks from Dogtown Skateboards. They will be the latest asphalt legends for Stay Fresh to team with, having already collaborated with Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi. “These guys were my heroes as a kid,” says Schettkoe. “It has been amazing to be able to work with them on a professional level and also find out that not only are they amazing skateboarders, they are amazing people.”

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