Back Again On A Scratch Paper

It has been more than 2 years now since I last visited my blog. A lot has happened during the 2 years and 6 months since I last posted anything on here. Over that course, I landed a job for a magazine that I’ve always wanted to work for, starting as an intern and working my way through the top as managing editor before I was laid off when the owners of the company decided to transition to become a golf brand apparel and equipment that appeals more on the street culture style.  

Nonetheless, it became a stepping stone in my career to become a published writer, giving me a hope that it’s not too late. My parents were supportive, especially my mother who wanted to become a journalist when she was still young. She read all of the articles I wrote and shared it with her friends on facebook. I never knew she was sharing the articles I wrote. I never knew until It was too late.

My mother died two days after suffering from a brain aneurysm on Christmas Eve of last year. Now that we’re months away from the holiday season, everything is coming back to, my emotions high, my state of mind of rattled, waiting for the ghost of Christmas past to relive that one tragic night. But what’s keeping both my emotional and mental state in good condition, remember, not great, but good condition since I’m dreading the months ahead, days that gradually roll into the grandiose of all celebration, planned by friends or loved ones.  It begins with Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and of course, the end of year celebration, where everybody binge they’re way onto the coming new year. With the in my mind, the only thing that’s making through is that I won’t be spending my time around here in Los Angeles, where everything seems to remind me of that tragic night. A night my mother’s life was suddenly taken away, without no warnings, no notices, no announcements.

From here, I don’t know much what else what I’m going to do. Take it one day at a time. I took everything too fast. I remember going to work days after my mother’s funeral. I never took the time to really sit down and I completely digressed from what I really wanted in life. I originally started this blog to showcase the street culture lifestyle, but after the incident along with the trials and tribulations during the time I was on my career path, my path seems too vague again. I will be posting some of my previous work, from the published articles I have from frank151 to the ones that weren’t approved the time I worked there as an editorial assistant to my short months as the managing editor.

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