Ink&Clog x Paulus Hyu’s Tiberius Nimbus Collectible Resin Video Campaign

Here’s the video campaign for Paulus Hyu Susanto‘s collaboration with Indonesian based graphic illustrator and graffiti artist Ink&Clog, comprised by Inkten Sufina and Clogtwo titled Tiberius Nimbus.

Originating from Hyu‘s Daydream Nimbus projects, the collaboration with Ink&Clog were only set to 30 piece being made worldwide. Each of these 5″ inch beautiful resin were all uniquely custom painted, signed and numbered by Ink&Clog. Priced at $150.00 a piece, the figurine comes with a certificate of authenticity and packaging designed by none other than Ink&Clog themselves. With only 2 remaining in stock, after its initial release last week, these amazing resin piece will surely be sold out by the end of this week.

Be sure to grab the last remaining Tiberius Nimbus at Paulus Hyu’s online store.

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