Montana Cans BLACK Artist Edition by Nychos

Check out this new badass video of Nychos showcasing his recent collaboration with Montana Cans‘ BLACK Artist Edition.

Montana-Cans, the number one spray can choice of all graffiti artists worldwide, has released its new addition of BLACK Artist Edition spray paint cans featuring the works of Nychos, an Austrian urban artist and graffiti illustrator who is known for having the style dissecting and separating anatomy art.

The art consist of human anatomy, being spread out after dissection on the spray can, with the choice of shade kidney that defines Nychos style, signature and his love for anatomy.

These limited spray cans are now available and up for grabs. Check your local art supply store for availability.

For more on the BLACK Artist Edition spray paint cans, check out Montana Cans’ website and be sure to visit Nychos’ Rabbit Eye Movement website at

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