Fitted X Pow! Wow! Hawaii For Hawaiian Airlines

Last week, Fitted Hawaii along with Kamea Hadar of Pow! Wow! Hawaii unveiled their recent project with Hawaiian Airlines that showcase the lovely and vibrant culture of Hawaii. Now, here’s the video from how the creative process bloomed to its finished art on wheels in Honolulu International Airport.

The project started when Kamea Hadar, co-lead director of Pow! Wow! Hawaii mentioned that he wanted to paint on a plane during his meeting with Hawaiian Airlines representatives. According to in an interview with Jared Johnston, Production Manager and Senior Graphic Designer of Fitted Hawai‘i,  from Contrast Magazine,

“It’s funny because if I’m not mistaken, I believe it started as a joke between Kamea and a Hawaiian Airlines special projects representative. Both Pow! Wow! Hawaii and FITTED have great relationships with HA and we were lucky enough for them to allow us the opportunity of executing these types of special projects.”




If you’re flying to Hawaii, it won’t be hard to spot these colorful airline ground services vehicles on the tarmac because of their bright and beautiful colors, from a camouflage theme ground service vehicle to semi-truck with lively portrait paintings.

Pow! Wow! Hawaii started when Jasper Wong, creator and lead director of Pow! Wow! and also a high school friend of Kamea Hadar was running a small art gallery in Hong Kong that highlighted the process of creating art and collaboration between artists for a week. Wong then brought the idea to Hawaii with the help of Hadar, since Hawaii is the place where the mixing of culture is common. Hence, the birth of an annual event that showcases the artwork of artists, graffiti writers, and illustrators from all over the world.

Visit Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i website and Fitted to get your aloha gear fix.

Video & Photo Credit by Jonas Maon

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