Gumball3000 Look Book 2014 by WatchxWitness

Yet again, photographers 13th Witness and Jason Goldwatch captured moments of Gumball3000 2014 through their lenses.

The duo, known together as WatchxWitness, chronicled the 3,000 miles rally that started in Miami and ended in Ibiza, after 8 days of an international trek with cars that are ranging from luxury cars to high octane racing formula 1 vehicle. A total of  110 participants joined the annual rally, from famous celebrities such as rappers Eve and Xzibit,  DJ deadmaus and David Hasselhoff. It also attracted sponsors such as YouTube, Grenco Science, Christie’s Fine Arts Auction House and so on. The rally gained its notoriety due to streets being closed off, action sports demos that attracts millions of crowds and spectacular cars being pulled over by cops because of dangerously dashing high speed. Vanity Fair magazine coined it, “the most rock ‘n’ roll rally event attracting the young, old to all walks of life.

To get more insight and recap of the event, check the Gumball3000 rally website. Also, make sure to peep out some of the 13th Witness and Jason Goldwatch works.

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