An Alternative Approach to Fast Food: loco’l by Roy Choi

Korean American and Los Angeles based chef, Roy Choi, the man behind the famous Korean fused food truck Kogi, announced his next project during Copenhagen’s Mad Symposium Conference. During his presentation, Choi expressed his take on poverty and hunger and told the audience that he will be working on a fast-food concept called loco’l for a healthier and affordable choice of food to battle the hunger crisis.

Along with Daniel Patterson, owner of Coi restaurant and Chad Roberson of Tartine Bakery, the goal of loco’l as reported in Laist,

Choi, who was inspired by the energy of skate parks, will be more of the front man of the operation. Patterson will develop recipes for bites that will cost between $2 and 6, in order to compete with the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King.

The team plans on opening the First loco’l in San Francisco in 2015, specifically in the neighborhood Tenderloin, where it is heavily affected by poverty and hunger. With the following of the second location in Los Angeles.

via  Roy Choi is Opening a Healthy Fast Food Chain

via Chefs unite in fast-food idea to nourish low-income communities



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