Hyundai’s Tucson Zombie Proofed at LA Auto Show

If you live around the Los Angeles area, you may know the LA Auto Show that is being held in the LA Convention Center, where they feature new upcoming vehicles and gadgets that come with it. Porsche, Audi’s, Chevrolet and others showcase their best of the best, however, the one that captured the spot is Hyundai, as they unveil to the crowd their next addition of zombie-proof car to the public. We’ve all seen the Sante Fe zombie edition one, revealed last month at the New York Comic-con, and caught the crowd’s eyes whether you’re a fan or not of the TV series Walking Dead.

What’s cooler is that this Tucson features an Ash Black exterior with a subtle red accent graphics package and Special Edition exterior and interior badges. Roof rack cross rails provide additional room for hauling necessary survival gear while mudguards and custom floor and cargo mats help keep the vehicle clean.

The zombie-proof car will only be available in AWD to assist drivers when off-roading away from the undead. If you’re lucky enough to survive the zombie apocalypse, the Tucson’s black leather interior will have a custom Zombie Survival Kit – a Walking Dead 72-hour survivalist’s backpack, a necessary item for any zombie “prepper” – and a Walking Dead Tucson Quick Reference Guide, to help utilize all the features in the Special Edition vehicle.

Moreover, the Walking Dead Special Edition Tucson is powered by the advanced 2.4-liter Theta II Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine and offers a host of valuable features, including LED taillights, dual automatic temperature control, and a premium audio system with HD Radio™ technology, which may come in handy in case your sanity questions you during a zombie outbreak.

These bad boys were revealed today at a special media preview at the Hotel Figueroa in conjunction with the Los Angeles Auto Show, and this zombie apocalypse car, along with the other Walking Dead Hyundai vehicle lineup, will be available in limited quantity at dealerships starting early next year.

Check out its customization down below:

Via PRNewswire

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